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Anyone with a roof over their head…

Thursday, November 12th, 2009

This space is dedicated to sharing 25 years worth of knowledge I have gained regarding proper roofing methods and materials.

Here,  home and building owners can find information about any aspect of the roofing process, including roof replacement, repair, and extending the life of a roof.  I’m glad to give advice and information on different types of roofing materials available, and the proper ways to install them.   The Alltex team also offers expertise in insurance consulting,  proper attic ventilation, and materials that offer insurance premium discounts.  We also have a great deal of experience in leak detection and leak repair.  Feel free to ask questions, or even share your own experiences in dealing with roofing issues in this forum.

Recently, I have discovered that quite a number of roofs on homes in The Colony have substantial hail damage.  Many homeowners are eligible for insurance claim compensation.  Two hailstorms with stones golf ball size or larger have passed through this area in the past two years.  Roofs older than six years old most likely were damaged during the very severe hailstorm from April, 2003.    Homeowners in The Colony should be aware of several points regarding roofing and hail damage:

  • There is no statute of limitations on filing a hail damage claim.  If your home was insured during the storm, regardless of how long ago, you are eligible to file a claim
  • Though an adjuster may take out an amount for “depreciation” on a claim, that amount will be refunded when the roof replacement is completed
  • A hail damage claim is a non chargeable loss;  an insurance company may not cancel or raise rates based on a storm damage claim
  • To file a claim, homeowners need only to contact their insurance company or agent.  An adjuster will contact you and set up a time to inspect your roof
  • Homeowners should make adjusters aware of any associated hail damage, including damage to window frames, screens, A/C units, and interior damage due to roof leaks.

If you’d like a free inspection to see if your roof sustained hail damage, feel free to contact me, Jim Stewart at 972/740-8602.  You can also visit my website for information on hail or other roof topics: