Devil Goes Down Looking

The devil has a hard time getting at young men who become Eagle Scouts, go on Missions, and marry wonderful young women. This is about my son, Cameron.

The Devil Goes Down Looking

The devil came to Cameron and
Said “son, I’ve got a plan.
Just make a little deal with me
Before you are a man.”

“I’ll give you anything you want,
You just do what I say.
Your life will be a Superbowl,
Like one long holiday.”

“You say the word, or make the call
And I will do the deed.
Give me a small piece of your soul
And then we will proceed”

“Don’t have to give it all right now
Just give me what you can,
A little here, a little there
Like an installment plan”

Well, Cameron took a little think
With fingers to his chin,
Said “Roger Maris, Sixty One;
So if you’ve got it deal me in.”

The red man smiled, and then he thought,
“This isn’t very hard.
The price of this boy’s soul is worth
A flimsy baseball card.”

“Just kidding”, said the twelve year old.
“Get lost, or what I’ll do
Is tell my dad, he’ll rough you up
Cause he’s tougher than you.”

“Just wait!” the demon said to him
“My work is never done.
I’ll get your soul, you’ll work for me”
And Cameron said, “Strike One.”

Over the years the devil worked
His plots, and ploys, and schemes.
But each one fell like bowling pins,
And crushed the devil’s dreams.

“One trick I know will always work,
Is sow the seeds of doubt.
This boy will crater soon”, he thought,
As Cam became an Eagle Scout.

So Cam stayed true and kept the faith
Then followed up his plan
To wear a name tag and become
A missionary man.

“You better get on board with me
Or each day you will dread.
I’ll heckle you till you are mine”
“Strike Two”, the young man said.

Then later Cameron met a girl
Who saw through his baloney.
They fell in love and tied the knot.
Now he’s called Mr. Toni.

“What’s next!?”, old lucifer complained
The kid might finish college.
Then I’m really in a fix:
A married man with knowledge.”

“His soul is hard as concrete and
His will is made of steel
Maybe it’s time for me to bail,
And find a better deal”

The devil hung his head and sighed,
“This job is killing me,
Then muttered underneath his breath,
I’ll say it: Called! Strike Three.”

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