Jim’s Adventures

Personal observations and notes from my adventures in life.

Dawn and I have hiked, paddled, and explored the mountains, canyons, and rivers of Alaska, Canada, and the Lower 48.  This is my tribute to our wanderings.


We’ve scrambled to the mountain tops
And swam beneath the sea.
We’ve roamed the canyons, followed whales.
We’ve traveled, you and me.

We’ve gone where few have ever been,
And hiked a grizzly trail;
Left footprints on the beaches, but
No traces where we sailed.

We’ve dipped our paddles, lit our fires
In God’s great wilderness,
And walked the Kaibab trail into
Grand Canyon’s great abyss.

We’ve made camp in a mountain pass,
And breathed the frosty air.
I’d hike across a frozen sea
If you’d go with me there.

We’ve got the itch to get on out
And find a vacant trail,
Then fill it with our boot heels, as
We strike another tale.

The eagle makes a lazy arc
While salmon spawn below.
Alaska’s slipped it’s icy grip
So now it time to go!

From Texas it’s three thousand miles.
Good thing for you and me;
We hop a silver bird and fly
That thing that sets us free.

Moose bugle for a springtime fling
All creatures need some fun.
They find it where wildflowers bloom
Beneath the midnight sun.