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Top Ten Warning Signs of a Bad Contractor

Friday, February 12th, 2010

Almost every homeowner or business owner I meet has a story to tell about dealing with shady contractors. There are murky characters in every business, but it seems that contractors, especially home contractors, have a higher population of underhanded dealers. Here are some warning signs to look for in detecting a fraudulent character.

1. The contractor wants money up front, before beginning the project. Unless this person is your most trusted friend, there is never a good reason to give a contractor money before he or she begins the project.

2. He can’t answer your questions in a direct manner, or does not have a command of the language of his trade. This indicates the contractor either has no intent on following through on the job or does not posses the ability to do it.

3. The contractor does not return phone calls on a timely basis.

4. The contractor wants an answer right now; the pricing is good for only for a very short time.

5. He is not knowledgeable about building code requirements

6. The contractor cannot provide references for a job similar to yours.

7. The contractor has no physical address, no website, nor is a member of his professional organization

8. He talks more than he listens to you.

9. He does not provide you with a printed, legible, detailed proposal with a warranty.

10. You catch him in a lie. Rule of thumb: One lie and you’re out.