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We at Alltex Roofing Systems, a Dallas roofing company, we are very proud of our customer satisfaction level, our skilled employees and the quality of the roofs we've installed. If you give us the chance to personally explain to you why we're the best choice to be your Dallas professional roofing company, we're sure you'll choose us for your next repair or replacement project. But if you consider other companies in the area, there are several factors you should be sure to ask about before coming to a final decision. When evaluating other commercial roofing contractors, inquire about:

  • How many years of experience the roofers have
  • How many years the company has been in business
  • Whether the company is licensed and bonded
  • Whether the company is adequately insured
  • If they have any references
  • If they have any satisfaction guarantees
  • Whether they haul away all nails and trash

We likewise encourage you to call our experts and ask these same questions, but you can also find the answers by exploring

Call Commercial Roofing Contractors Today

If you're experiencing problems with your roof or shingles, waiting may just make the situation worse. For example, most leaky roofs can be repaired quickly and affordably by skilled commercial roofing contractors, but if left unaddressed for several weeks, some leaks can lead to significantly rotted wood, pest infestations and even substantial structural damage.

If shingles start coming loose or blowing away in strong winds, it could be that accumulated heat in the attic is softening the asphalt. This is a situation that only worsens with time if left neglected, but again, our Dallas professional roofing company can install proper ventilation systems at a great price and in very little time. Please don't allow a small problem to become a big, expensive one. Call us today if you think you might need repairs.

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