Residential Metal Roofing Installation Excellence

It wasn't too long ago that metal roofs were very hard to find on residential properties. But today, residential metal roofing is an extremely popular choice. This style is so in-demand because it's extremely durable and because the shingles can be molded and coated to closely resemble virtually any other type of roofing material including wood, slate and Spanish tile. Don't forget that our we also do roof leak repair for when your old out-dated roof fails.

But one thing homeowners should keep in mind is that metal roof repair and installation is not a service offered by all professional roofing companies. The repair and installation techniques used with these types of roofs are quite a bit different from the methods used to install wood and composite shingle roofs. The installers at Alltex Roofing Systems are seasoned experts at working with these materials, however, and can meet your needs when the other roofers can't.

Fast, Affordable Metal Roof Repair

Even though metal roofs are extremely durable and more likely to resist leaking and weather damage than other materials, they aren't 100% impervious. That's why it's good to know that our pros will be ready to perform fast metal roof repair jobs when you need us. If you have this style of roof, leaks and blown-off shingles will be very rare occurrences. The most common type of damage to residential metal roofing is shingle dents caused by large or severe hail. Fortunately, with our expertise and ongoing business relationships with the best roofing supply companies, we can acquire replacement shingles quickly and install them at affordable rates.